• Lee Pemberton

I challenge you to create a high-performance SA/ hotel business in 2020...please read this!

Welcome to 2020, okay I am going to get straight to the point, I have a challenge for you, let’s create together with your hotel/ serviced apartment business into a high-performance business, with more revenue and a larger margin, are you up for the challenge?

Think of your business as an F1 racing car, as you read this now Lewis Hamilton will be busy with his team planning for the 2020 season, testing, remodelling, reviewing, what worked and how they can improve the performance of the car, so they can win next season and become 2020 champions. Now work with me in 2020, let's create the same challenge, let’s make this a game, to create you the best high-performance SA/ hotel business model, a slick, efficient model producing higher revenue and more profits, using the latest technology, so you can develop your business for the next decade. There are so many opportunities in 2020, let me tell you, serviced apartments are going to continue to grow this year, yes I agree, there will be challenges from legislation to more investors coming into this space, but the opportunity if we work together is huge, with more corporates preferring a boutique serviced apartment/ hotel, even houses over a large branded hotel is on the rise, timing is perfect with more mainstream awareness, plus new technology.

BUT, first, we have to work together in the best environment, sharing best practice and holding each other accountable, I have therefore created the Accelerator Academy, it's FREE to join, simply click on the link, all I ask is your commitment that you want to create a high-performance SA/ hotel business like me. Now my commitment to you is simple, I will create the framework, administer the group and share all my successes and mistakes, its called best practice, however, I need you to challenge me and help all of us by doing the same, let's create a blueprint that we can implement into our business that increases revenue and our margin.

So from next Thursday 9th January, I will start the 12-week high-performance SA/ hotel masterclass, breaking down each process and system of the blueprint for you to follow and remember challenge, so we have a fine-tuned model we can all use in our business.

All you have to do is click on the link to be invited to join the Accelerator Academy for FREE and let's get started together, the prize of more revenue and higher margin will be there for us if we work together.

Don't wait until the 9th of January for the first Masterclass, watch this short video now it's my Top 5 Tips, you should implement today if you want a high-performance SA/ Hotel business…

What are you waiting for!

Look forward to working with you in 2020.


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