Accelerate your Hotel/Serviced Apartments Business


Lee is very particular over who he works with, for one good reason.

What he will share with you during your sessions is knowledge and expertise he’s spent 20 years investing in to achieve. Understandably he’s very precious over this and so very passionate about sharing it with people who are as dedicated to making their Serviced Accommodation/Hotel business a life-changing success.

Ask yourself, would you want to invest your time into someone that wasn’t committed to making ‘it’ work? It’s for that very reason that there’s a qualifying process to be considered for this Accelerator Mentoring opportunity.

If you’re still here, reading this, then this opportunity is probably worth exploring further.

Now let’s get serious.

Lifestyle Business

  • Membership to the Accelerator accountability private group 

  • 1-1 Strategy session to plan out your business growth

  • 1-1 Monthly Mentoring with Lee 

  • Your personal 90-day journal manual to include the following;

  • The Lifestyle business methodology covering

  • Research; type of property, guest, location

  • Marketing and onboarding on top platforms

  • Guest and property management

  • Controlling your cashflow

  • Plus deep-dive workshops on specific key topics 

  • Lifestyle business we want to aim towards £2000 per month profit 

90-days business accelerator

Only £500 per month

Performance Business

  • Lifestyle Business plus the following

  • From Lifestyle Business from £2000  per month to £10,000 per month
  • The Performance business methodology will guide you to the next level

  • Creating departments for each section of your business from marketing, sales, operations, finance and team.

  • Key performance indicators will measure each part of the business 

  • With each department created, you will move out of the day to day business as the technician, to manager and director level. 

  • Your focus is to build assets in your business and become the leader and visionary, as you guide your team.

90-days business accelerator

Only £500 per month

Legacy Business

  • Your Performance business will continue to grow

  • Legacy is about acquiring assets for your performance business

  • The SMART blueprint will guide you every step of the way 

  • From purchasing apartment blocks to repurposing space in hotels, creating a boutique smart hotel 

  • Joint ventures and partnering together we will leverage our knowledge, capital and time to create assets for our portfolio.  

12 month (invitational only) 

£1000 per month 

Accelerator membership 

Private members-only Facebook group 

Special offer only £50 per month

  • Accountability group for hotels/ SA

  • unlimited tools including templates, masterclass tutorials

  • Group strategy session

  • Weekly group accountability check-in

  • Weekly live group Mentoring + Q&A

  • Deep dive group workshops (invitational only)


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Huge amount of knowledge shared today by Lee and the rest of the group. Walked away with some great tips and a strategy plan for the next 90 days. Looking forward to really growing our SA business over the coming months with Lee’s support.

Aidas G

Expert Media Contributor

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